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16/10 2016 - 30/09 2017

Maker movement in De Marne

We are working with municipality De Marne on some regional topics. The municipality sees opportunities for the maker movement with biobased materials.

We will research wat we can do with local crops, how we can market them in another way. Par example from flax you can make textile, from rape seed you can make oil. And also from potato starch and suger beets you can extract other materials. We also introduce new 21st century techniques like the 3D printer and laser cutting.



House of Design has been asked by the municipality De Marne, province of Groningen, what posibilities are available in the region in the field of sustainability. House of Design developed a concept, the Local Economy in which the maker movement is combined with the bio economy.

House of Design researches and tests the possibilities of a sustainable local value chain.

  • Five designers research local resources.
  • 3D thinking and making sessions at schools – about working. living, recreation in the area in the future.
  • Workshop youth and business – start-ups in new production chains.
  • Value chain meeting around a local material in which we connect the different stakeholders in the chain.
  • Research on changing consumer behaviour by students from the Hanzehogeschool – Human Technology. 


In the region we have many resources, knowledge and talent. Is it really necessary to import so much? Can't we grow our own resources? Can't we develop the materials and products ourselves? With people who still know how it has been done in old times and those who can play with the new digital tools? If so, then we can stay and live in the region and work with materials that we can use for our buildings and interiors. And if we don't need the stuff anymore, it can be reused or put back into the ground.

House of Design started in September 2016 with the project "We are going to make it". We research the opportunities of local crops and resources, material, knowledge, talent and demand. We link the local maker industry to 21st century skills, causing new insights and innovation. The youth we inspire with these new techniques by letting them discover how this can play a role in their future in their region.

> Where: 
The region of the municipality de Marne

> When: September 2016 – now

> Partners: Municipality De Marne, Hogeland College

> Website: (Dutch only)

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