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01/09 2013 - 16/06 2015

3D Comenius


This innovative project has provided an ambitious and rewarding two year experience for schools, designers, design and science centres from Germany, The Netherlands, United Kingdom and Sweden. They worked together on a teaching method on how to teach children the fun of creating, techniques and tinkering by use of the extra tool: the 3d printer.

Each school has been assisted by a local designer or design/technology centre which has expertise in the field of 3D creating and 3D technology to create 3D lesson plans. The team of designers have produced workshops for the teachers and students at each study visit, and supported them locally in their own schools. This partnership has helped the schools to gain an understanding of how designers think and how to move on from 3D ideas to producing 3D objects in a range of media, e.g. bioplastics, ceramics, food etc. Sharing is an important aspect of how the new technology works in practice, and was ideal as a basis for our partnership.

VMBO De Krijtenburg and OBS De Zeester, Vlieland NL; OBS De Wielen, Leeuwarden - Prof. Wassenberghskoalle, Lekkum, NL; Erikslundskolan, Borås, SE; Alstergymnasium Hensted-Ulzburg, DE; Alde Valley School, Suffolk, UK.

Design teams
House of Design, Design Centre Groningen (Eileen Blackmore); Navet Science and Technology Center, Borås (Anna Gunnarsson); Alexander Joly, independent designer, Hamburg; Jonathan Keep, potter and 3D printing expert, Suffolk.

The main concrete outcome is a 3D Technology Teachers’ Manual which includes curriculum guidance for teachers; lesson plans; software and hardware to be used (3D blueprints are available on the internet); costs of resources etc.
Manual, lesson plans and information:

This project was initiated by the Province of Friesland, which has provided its support over the two years from 2013 to 2015.


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