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Roadkill - design studio Roderick Vos for Carpet Sign

'Vintage rugs for retro homes'

Animal hides provided an important source of clothing and decoration for prehistoric humans. Even during te caveman days, people were using leaves, twigs and animal skin to decorate the interior part of their caves. So why not keep this tradition alive? It certainly has inspired studio Roderick Vos. We have created four tufted carpets based on animal shapes. The technology of tufting consists if inserting a thread through a layered fabric. After insertion, the needle returns along the same trajectory, leaving a oop of the thread at the bottom of the fabric. For the Roadkill carpets, designers Marieke Staps and Roderick Vos have used 8cm threads to create an artificial, machine-made 'skin' with a warm and tactile appeal. The carpet designs vary from small to size XXL pieces, almost 4.30 metres long.

These organic shapes create a new look an feel for the modern interior, offering a welcome break from the standard geometrical carpets seen so often these days.

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