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Material research for We gaan het meemaken

on 2017-05-08

Paul Bloemers werkt met stro van koolzaad. Het is een lastig proces, want het wil niet binden. Deze vorm zijn gelukt door het toevoegen van epoxy. Hij gaat nu verder met het zoeken naar een natuurlijk bindmiddel.


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Simone Larabi is working with hemp.

on 2017-04-24

For the project 'We gaan het meemaken' Simone Larabi is researching hemp and local plants and flowers. The technique she is using is needle felting. The result is beautiful rough felt with different colors and textures.

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Network meeting Circular Design in Groningen

on 2017-03-30

On the 5th of April there is a meeting with key stakeholders from the Circular design with experts from universities, businesses and design Centres from NL, Spain, Sweden and Ireland.  The aim is to introduce current developments in Circular Design training and education approaches in Europe.



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Drie Aanbevelingen uit de creatieve industrie voor het regeerakkoord

on 2017-03-13

De Nederlandse creatieve industrie biedt een nieuw kabinet haar kennis, kunde en creativiteit aan bij het oplossen van grote vraagstukken waarvoor we de komende jaren gesteld worden, zoals de ruimtelijke gevolgen van klimaatadaptatie en de keuze voor duurzame energie, het realiseren van één miljoen nieuwe woningen, aanpassing voor krimp in de regio, vormgeven aan veranderingen in zorg en onderwijs en het bestrijden van maatschappelijke tweedeling.

In de brief die vandaag werd verstuurd aan de leiders van de tien grootste politieke partijen, doen de ondertekenaars drie aanbevelingen.

1. Betrek ontwerpers vanaf het eerste begin bij de vraag ‘wat staat ons precies te doen voor het Nederland van morgen’ en formuleer als opdrachtgever en ontwerper sámen de antwoorden.

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De bovenkamer van Groningen wins Watertorenprijs 2016

on 2017-02-28

Hurray! De bovenkamer van Groningen has won the Watertorenprijs 2016

Uit het juryrapport: 'De unieke kwaliteiten van de toren, een rijksmonument, zijn bij de herbestemming niet alleen goed gerespecteerd, de nieuwe functie profiteert optimaal van de bijzondere ruimtelijke karakteristiek van de toren.'

Meer weten over de toren klik hier


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3D workshop for teachers Hogeland College

on 2017-01-24

Today we gave a workshop 3D to teachers from the Hogeland College. They learned to work with Doodle3D Transform and Tinkercad.

In February will give a workshop to the students.


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Melle Koot works with seaweed and elephant grass

on 2016-12-20

Voor het project We gaan het meemaken onderzoekt Melle Koot de materialen olifantsgras en zeewier. ''Het ontdekken van nieuwe mogelijkheden is als een feestje, er vervolgens een nieuw product mee maken is nog leuker!’. Melle ontwerpt interieurs, unieke meubelstukken en interieurobjecten voor bedrijven, beurzen en particulieren. In 2010 ontvingn hij van wethouder Ton Schroor de prijs voor duurzaamste ondernemer.

Lees meer op de projectpagina van We gaan het meemaken of




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Beautifull water tower

on 2016-12-19

Hurray! In November the water tower was awarded with the prize Most beautifull water tower of the Netherlands and it ranked 13th on the list of most favorate monuments in Groningen. How lucky are we with our workspace!

You can also enjoy this beautifull tower. Click here for more information about the spaces you can rent.


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Designer Paul Bloemers wants to make plate material with a positive footprint

on 2016-12-15

Paul Bloemers is a designer and entrepeneur. He has always been fascinated by shapes. As a child he was already looking for new shapes, but always in a functional context. 'I've always wondered why functional designs are mostly so ugly.'

Lees meer op de projectpagina van We gaan het meemaken of




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Designer Simone Lariba will work with hemp and flax

on 2016-12-06

Ror the project 'We gaan het meemaken' designer  Simone Larabi will work with hemp and flax. Her designs focus on the natural habitat of a project and tell a specific social story, which fits perfectly with our project in the Marne.

Read more on our blog! (dutch only)


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Material research by Volken de Vlas and Gerard de Hoop

on 2016-11-28

Voor het project 'We gaan het meemaken' werken Volken en Gerard samen aan het materiaalonderzoek: 'De streekeigen materialen die ons aanspreken zijn de meest elementaire basismaterialen die in de Marne voorhanden zijn: schelpen, klei, zand, visafval, vezels van gewassen, hout.' .. lees meer op ons blog!


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Design and 3D print De Groene peper

on 2016-11-21

Eileen Blackmore en Deborah Smit designed and 3D printed 'De Groene Peper' (the green pepper). It is a price for a new food initiative in Gronigen.

The winner was 'De wortel van vier', a restaurant where they cook with products from the AH that are close to the expiration date.

The price is a initiative from gemeente Groningen and was part of inspirationfestival Let's Gro.



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Start research material bij five designer

on 2016-11-02

For the project We gaan het meemaken five designer are doing research on materials from the region De Marne. To get inspired en more informed about materials, techniques and more we visited three musea: Museum Wierdenland, Visserijmuseum and Vlasmuseum.
Go to blog: for more pictures.


 photo: Janna Bathoorn

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Succesful start of project 'We gaan het meemaken'

on 2016-10-05

Succesful start of the project 'We gaan het meemaken'. Interesting presentations and goed talks for a divers and engaged audience.

See projectpagina or our blog (dutch): for photo's or more.. 


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SAVE THE DATE! 23 September at De Marne

on 2016-07-13

Together with De Marne we are organizing a meeting about the maker movement on Friday the 23th of September at the bussines park in Ulrum.

The council wants to realaunch the bussines park and made changes to the destination plan. This fall House of Design starts the project 'We gaan het meemaken'. The goal of this project is to set op a Makerspace where we work on sustainable production with local materials and digital fabrication.


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Biomimicry at Nacht van de Kunst en Wetenschap

on 2016-05-23

Nature is a source of inspriation for designer and innovators. Well known examples are valcro and the work of the Wright brothers (aircrafts).

House of Design shows the strength of biomimicry - nature inspired design - with short presentations and workshops from designers Ingrid de Pauw (IDEAL&CO) and Mickey Schepers (TU Delft).


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Project Souvenirs starts with design workshop

on 2016-05-12

During the first workshop volunteers, designers and artists worked on souvenirs for Leeuwarden 2018. Several techniques were used; drawing, knitting, braiding willow, 3D drawing and 3D printing. 

The workshop was in the Oosterstraat in Leeuwarden. 

House of Design is artistic coordinator, develops workshops and involves designers for the project Souvenirs.


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SAVE THE DATE: Wonen in Groningen 2016

on 2016-04-27

The dates for 2016 are set! On Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd of Ocober you can see, feel, taste and try all kinds of design and lifestyle products in the centre of Groningen.

We are still busy organizing the programma, but some of the stores that will participate for sure are: Laif & Nuver, Stadse Fratsen, FOLK, O'42 Interieur, Woonn en Nul50.

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Join us to design the future!

on 2016-03-09

House of Design would like to work with students in the field of sustainable design and international collaboration, communication and finance.

We offer you an exciting workplace for 6 months. You will learn about current theme's like biobased design, digital fabrication and biomimicry. We are situated in the watertower near the Noorderplantsoen.


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House of Design working together with Leeuwarden-Fryslan 2018

on 2016-03-08

More and more is becoming clear about Leeuwarden-Fryslan Cultural Capital 2018. Behind the scenes all sorts of projects are being developed.

Eileen Blackmore of House of Design is asked to - within the theme ecology - do research on innovation in the field of circulair economy.

From this a few topics have arised that will be researched more. For example the possibilities for a rainwatershower for festivals and other events of LF18, sustainable musictents for festivals and the BoBtap with carbonated tapwater.

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design pressure cooker about water inspirational for entrepeneur

on 2015-12-13

Together with the Frisian Design Factory we organized a design pressure cooker about water.

'A inspiring day' - Jan Melein called the design pressure cooker. He participated because he is looking for new ways to market his Hydrowashr. It integrates washing and drying of hands in one machine. He worked with Mirjam Janssens of Denk Ruim on design and communication.

Other participants were: De Stille Boot with Nynke-Rixt Jukema, Vlieland Lab with Christian Schuten from designstudio BFGF Hamburg, students from hogeschool VHL wtih Studio Tjeerd Veenhovem, Bleu Leg Monitor with Siebren Brouwer from Djipper and Welcome to the Village with Edobode.


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